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How to Unschool/Homeschool

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Isn’t Minecraft Educational?

Your ten-year old daughter is wasting another beautiful summer day inside the house, playing Minecraft. You fear that her brain is becoming atrophied for lack of academic stimulation. You worry about education company warnings that children can lose a month … Continue reading

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Unschooling To University

Welcome to Unschooling to University!   Many unschoolers/self-directed learners often get asked the second most common question in home education, (after the one about socialization) which is “What about university?  Aren’t you messing up your child’s chances of eligibility?” This blog’s sole … Continue reading

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One of my children is halfway through the last year of university.  She is tired of studying, worrying, and feeling guilty every time she does something fun, when she feels that she should be studying.  I told her that I remember … Continue reading

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