One of my children is halfway through the last year of university.  She is tired of studying, worrying, and feeling guilty every time she does something fun, when she feels that she should be studying.  I told her that I remember those days in university too and many students feel the third and fourth year burn-out around this time of year as well.

I told her to imagine how children feel when they have just graduated 12 years of mandatory schooling.  How they may not wish to go right into university because they are feeling burned-out from too much forced education.  In spite of parent’s urging, they may just want a break for a gap year or maybe even a few years. She agreed that she could see how children in school might feel that way.

I told my daughter she was pretty lucky.  She only had a few years of structured education.  Not 12.  Burn-out is common in the workforce, but people don’t even entertain the thought that children might have it from school.  Oh, to long for the carefree days of summer…

About Judy Arnall, BA, DTM, CCFE

BA, DTM, CCFE, Certified child development specialist and master of non-punitive parenting and education practices. Keynote speaker and best-selling author of "Discipline Without Distress", "Parenting With Patience", "Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers to Teens", and "Unschooling To University."
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