TV Clips



CTV-TV  Positive newsclip on “Unschooling”

CTV-TV Newsclip on “Unschooling To University”

BT-TV Newsclip on “Unschooling To University”

BT-TV “Unschooling in Canada”

Global TV 2018 “How To Start Homeschooling”

CTV-TV “Is Increasing Amounts of Screen Time Bad?”

Global TV  “Academic Benefits of Computer and Video Games”

APT-TV “What is Unschooling – Part 1”

APT-TV “Why Unschooling – Part 2”

CTV-TV “Should Homeschoolers Have More Regulation?”

Global TV 2002 “How to Begin Homeschooling” (Really bad visuals. Sorry.)

CTV-TV  “How to Parent Without Punishment and Keep Cool”